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Catherine Nickbarte,

Ms Catherine Nickbarte is director of the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva.

In the 1990's through diverse encounters she started to realize the horrifying situation children were brought into such as prostitution in a country she discovered and loved : Thailand

In 1993 with the help of friends and some members of her family, and the support of the Soroptimist International's club-service (of which she was president twice) she founded the BUAKHAO White Lotus Foundation.

In 1998 she reunited 5 organizations under the name STOP ABUS to make a point on the prevention of sexual abuses on children in Geneva. She organized a seminar and fund raising diners to create a prevention of sexual abuses program for grammar school children in Geneva. This efficient program concerned 7-8 year old.

Development of the Thai program needs more and more funds, so various events are necessary to collect money. Ms Nickbarte makes yearly trips to Thailand to supervise that the money is spent judiciously and that the children are doing well.

Her commitment to the cause of women and children brings her naturally to become a member of the Steering Committee of the Global Peace Initiative of Women.



Charuvan Sursock-Rangsit,

Charuvan Sursock-Rangsit was born in Bangkok Thailand, she is the daughter of his Royal Highness Prince Sanidt Rangsit, grand daughter of the last reigning monarch his Royal Majesty Prince Rangist.

She has been living in Geneva since the age of 9, and lives harmoniously in two different cultural worlds.

After her studies in Geneva's International School she obtains a diploma in Haute Couture, and a certificate from the "Ecole des Décors de Théâtre et d'Intérieur" of Geneva. Thanks to her talent she decorates in antique "Trompe-L'œil" castles, 5 stars Hotels, and private homes.

As a teen ager she is concerned by problems encountered by children, such as poverty, analphabetism, or health.

Twenty years ago with the help of the welfare department she starts a program to sustain poor families who live in Bangkok's slums.

Revolted and aware of all the abuses defenseless children are submitted to in this situation, she is determined to find answers to their plight. She refuses to see Thailand as a land of prostitution especially where children are concerned (sexual exploitation of children).

Her hope is to open our eyes and souls to this reality and to fight against this scourge. She joins Catherine Nickbarte Meyer to create a Foundation who fights for children's rights. Since 1993 she is vice-president of Buakhao White Lotus Foundation, part of her work is being in charge of the "Thai Market" which has been a success throughout the years and helps to bring funds for the prevention and rescue programs in Thailand.

Catherine Nickbarte handing out a CHF35'000.- check from the Soroptimist Intl. for the Ban Doi Roifan 1 Center (10.1992)

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