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Annual report 2016

Our  mission

BWLF is a Swiss Foundation created in 1993 under the control of the "Contrôle des Fondations". Made up of volunteers the aim is to gather funds to support associations who fight for children's rights.

Since 1993 Buakhao supports Thai associations who fight against sexual exploitation of children by paying for a rescue and prevention program in the mountain villages in the North.

Programs fighting for children's rights and especially against sexual abuses equally receive an aid if our financial situation allows it.

Ban Doi Roifan 2 sign
Two girls in the Center
Ban Doi Roifan 2
The programs sponsored by BWLF help us to:
children in danger,
sick or molested children,
children and families,
through scholar or professional teaching,
children, parents and generally the populations,
the abusers,
through education and schools.
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